How to take care of yourself when you’re very busy.

Taking care of your physical appearance when you are extremely time-poor can be a difficult task. Not only are you feeling overwhelmed with your own professional and personal life, but to also add to your mental clutter, your eyes are fixated on those stray eyebrow hairs that need grooming every time you glance into your reflection.

More than that, it can be extremely difficult to gather the motivation to keep your beauty regime during these cold winter months. There are so many places on your body that are not exposed to the world during this time that it makes it so much easier to skip that post-shower moisturizer and avoid being cold for an extra 15 minutes.

However breaking it down into smaller loads can be much more useful for you and make you feel so much more on top of things. Here are some of my top tips below.

As a woman, it can feel overwhelming to think about all the beauty regimes that you need to keep up with in order to keep everything healthy and strong. From your hair to your skin, to your nails the list of things to keep up with is tedious and also expensive. I’ve always been a DIY kind of girl, I love to do beauty things at home, but I’m also extremely inpatient which, actually, turned out to be the most juxtaposing personality traits available to a human. I would try out a hair mask just once and then wonder why my split ends are not miraculously healed. I would deem it null and void and never repeat the same mask again.

Although with time I would discover that the key to success was actually consistency and persistence, concepts that are alien to millennials like me who are so used to having everything come around immediately (self-aware).

The first thing that I will recommend that will make such a huge difference over the course of a month is taking supplements. Ingesting anything into your body can be a little bit daunting and I do recommend consulting your health care professional first, but in many cases it should be fine. All you need is one multivitamin and one hair,skin,nails vitamin once a day and you will see a noticeable difference in the strength of your nails and the softness and health of your skin, the length of your eyelashes and will promote healthy growth of your eyebrows (and of course the hair on your head). It will just take two seconds of your day and for 3 months supply of hair skin and nails it will set you back $16.47 (see links below) and for a two months supply of multivitamins $19.99.

DO NOT PANIC if you begin to pass urine which is FLURO yellow, I mean a colour that is actually worthy of a 70’s disco. It will be so alarming at first but research has shown me that it is merely the riboflavin in the multi vitamin which forces such  a pigmentation into your urine (your not poisoned I promise).


Whilst you’ve got yourself into the habit of taking those two pills everyday, I also suggest moisturizing. As I mentioned earlier the Winter months are the most difficult to gather the motivation to stand partially clothed for an extra ten minutes after a shower, however it is the most crucial time to moisturize. The cold weather practically sucks any retained moisture out of your body and leaves your skin cracked, dull and dry. It can be very difficult to reverse this when the Summer months finally roll around and you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time tending to ingrowns and trying to exfoliate away that dead layer of skin that you neglected a few months ago. Start with your face, I can’t recommend this Rosehip Facial Moisturizer from Swisse enough which will set you back $9.99 and will take seconds to apply. It will last you a very long time as your face is a small space and only requires one generous squeeze to cover the whole area.624810_xlargeThe body moisturizer which I recommend more than anything else is the Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm which although is slightly more pricey than the budget buys above, the benefit your skin will gain from it is really worth it. Priced at $39.00 for 120mL you may need a few bottles of these a year but the smell, and feeling of your skin will make you feel like a goddess. Moisturizing is a daily ‘chore’ so to speak, but can be really worth it in the long run. Even if you leave it until you get home in the evening and wait to do it before bed, it can be a huge benefit to the overall appearance of your face and body.


So they are the only two beauty regimes that you need to stick to daily, now let’s discuss some beauty tips that can be done once a week to once every fortnight to keep you feeling happy and fresh.

Hair masks are once a week to once a fortnight investment that will breathe life into your otherwise suffering hair. Not only does that cold dry out your hair aswell but most likely you are using heat on your hair daily or weekly. Reach into your pantry at home and lather your hair in Olive Oil, tie it up and sleep with it overnight. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can add Honey, Avocado, Mayonnaise or Egg to the olive oil to give it extra hydrating properties.

My biggest advice is to delegate one day a week or fortnight that you will implement this mask. For example Thursday night may be a good night to do this (given you have time to wash and dry your hair Friday morning)  as you will be ready for the weekend and usually there are not too many social activities are scheduled on Thursday nights so it will be a sure thing that you will have the time. It’s virtually free and can be done entirely with ingredients that you have at home. The difference in your hair will be exceptional.


After all this oil in the hair it may be worthwhile to rinse your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar once a month just to remove any oil build up and residue that may have accumulated in your hair. This will refresh the follicle and ensure that hair is pushing through no matter what product has been put on it. Apple Cider Vinegar can be purchased from any grocery store for about $5 for a litre and is so useful for so many other DIY beauty regimes. More so, whilst on the subject of hair, it is of colossal importance to remember to use a heat protecting spray on your hair before you style it in anyway. My favourite is from Trichovedic and is about $34.95 for a bottle that will last you more than 9 months depending on how long your hair is and how often you heat style it.


Another once a week to once a fortnight ‘chore’ is a body scrub. You hear nearly everyone talking about The Frank Coffee body scrub and to be honest there is a reason why. This body scrub can be done once a week and will leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh. Particularly if you have been exfoliating regularly you will find that this scrub will help the dead skin just roll off your body and more so will help with circulation and in turn reduce cellulite on your thighs and bum. $14.95 for 200g of this scrub is a moderately good price and you will probably need to purchase it once every two months. The scrub does tend to fall off your body as its consistency isn’t sticky and I feel that there is a lot of wastage. Be smart with how you use it and you should be able to stretch it out for maybe three months.


Facial hair removal is another once a week to once a fortnight task however this really depends on your hair type and how fast it grows. If you are like me who could get eyebrow regrowth in as little as 24hrs it could even be worth it to touch up every 3-4 days. Grabbing tweezers and simply cleaning off the hairs around the shape that your eyebrow specialist has made for you, means that you only need to visit the salon once every month just to fix and maintain the shape. Tweezing the hairs is always suggested as a no-no due to the fact that it potentially creates ingrowns and makes the hair coarser. However it is such a quick and easy fix for someone whose hair grows at the speed of light, doesn’t want to visit the salon weekly but also doesn’t want to look messy.  The effects of tweezing are not detrimental and so for this reason I suggest tweezer touch ups every few days (even whilst your sititng on the toilet!).


You will be able to see the differences these small steps make to the appearance of your hair, skin, nails and body in just one month I promise you. Staying consistent with it is the key and determination is of huge importance. Of course these things will not make you grow a beautiful long full head of hair when you previously had fine thin hair, nor will it clear completely acne prone skin – to say otherwise would be a total lie and exaggeration. However you will find that these beauty regimes will help you get the maximum out of the natural beauty you already encompass and you will be so pleasantly surprised to see just how amazing your natural beauty really is.

Amongst these tips I also have to stress the importance of drinking water. Keeping your water bottle handy and drinking as much as you can all day will help every aspect of your beauty regime. From skin to hair to nails to digestion and the frequency/ consistency of your stools your body will be a much better place to be in.

If going to the gym isn’t for you, then any sort of regular exercise such as walking, yoga, pilates or some sort of organised sport will also help you feel so much better about yourself and your health and will make you feel like the most productive person on the planet. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes a day, you will always walk out of there, feeling like you accomplished your own personal little mile stone because lets face it, it does take a great deal of determination to get up and willingly work out.

So there you have it, daily, weekly and monthly tasks you can do to keep your beauty regime in tact without having to break the bank. It allows you to get the most out of the body you live in and helps you to feel accomplished and organised.


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