Why the Kylie Lip Kits actually rock

Sometimes I feel that people enjoy the controversy of saying how much they hate a really hyped up product. I get it, you wanna be different. However in my opinion you have to give credit where credit is due. Although she may be a “celebrity” that champions this new movement of being famous for absolutely nothing, I still believe she may have tapped into a very unique formulation with her lip kits and actually I really enjoyed them.

It was a right struggle to get my hands on her lip kits when they were first released. There was only a limited amount of colours and obviously a limited amount of stock. I saw them being sold on e-Bay for exuberant amounts of money and I just couldn’t justify what people were willing to do to purchase one. The initial release came at the end of 2015 and for a mixture of laziness and my own lack of enthusiasm for the product I didn’t get my hands on one until well into 2016.

I must say however that I was pleasantly surprised when I logged onto her website and saw the prices. It’s pointedly clear that her target market and obviously biggest clients of her products would be the plethora of teenage girls who spend their spare time commenting “lb” on her instagram photos. However I felt that $29 USD for a matte lip “stick” and a lip liner was quite reasonable – naturally it made me dubious of the quality.

I decided to go out on a whim on my first order and just ordered four lip kits all at once. Mary Jo K” “Candy K” “Posie K” and “Dolce K”. The whole order set me back $116 USD + $20 postage to Australia (which I also considered reasonable given that there were four of them… $20USD for just one lip kit would have been annoying though, I guess this tactic really promotes bulk ordering and more customer spend). So in total about $170AUD for four lip mattes and four lip liners. They arrived really fast and were beautifully packaged.

To my surprise they were an extremely pigmented and opaque formulation. In comparison with the NYX matte lip creams which were not very opaque in their colour pay off and also took forever to dry, the Kylie Mattes dried in reasonable timing and the colour pay off was wonderful. Inevitably they were fairly drying, but as a matte product that is kind of expected (ever tried to drag Mac Ruby Woo on your lips without lip balm? impossible task)


Kylie Lip Kit in “Mary Jo K”

The only lip kit which was a bit of a catastrophe was “Dolce K”. I’m really not sure what that colour was trying to achieve. It was an ashy grey-brown colour. Not flattering or wearable at all. I thought perhaps it clashed with my olive skin tone but I soon discovered that even on my fairest sister and friends it was still an awfully confused colour that wouldn’t really match anything.

Kylie Lip Kit in “Posie K”

After being pleased with the colour, wear, smell, longevity, price and packaging of the lip kits I decided to make a second order. I re-purchased Candy K because I was running low and I also got “Dirty Peach” and “Kristen”. The order was delayed a few days and when I received it I was pleasantly surprised that they had attached a notice of apology and a free “Literally” gloss. It was great and so was the gloss. Good quality, good colour pay off and not super sticky. A few days later I was given “Koko K” by a friend who bought it and decided it was too light for her. So my collection and colour range was growing.

In total I’ve tried: Mary Jo K, Koko K, Candy K, Posie K, Dolce K, Dirty Peach, Kristen, Literally Gloss and off my sisters order I tried “King K” from her metal range (disappointed and it was super unflattering).

My only vice with the Lip Kits is that the Lip Liners SUCK! Actually, suck is an understatement. Have you ever seen packaging where the inside “crayon” bit of the pencil slides in and out? They are a nightmare to sharpen and those darned lids absolutely do not close. Those lip liners are reminiscent of cheap $2 lip liners you get as a teenager when it’s all you can afford.


Besides this, in general I would recommend them and think that there are a lot of benefits to the product especially in terms of colour pay off, wear/longevity and price range. As I mentioned about the crappy quality of the lip liners, I would highly suggest that you don’t purchase Lip Kits and just grab the singles. They’re $17 and you get the main product which is the Matte Lip Creme. I’m yet to try any other cosmetics from her line, but in my opinion the “Kylighters” are my next purchase.

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