Recipe for Life – Nicky Pellegrino

Although I have to appreciate that this novel was one of Pellegrino’s older works, I must admit I was extremely disappointed. Having read two other novels for Pellegrino. Food of Love Cookery School and Under Italian Skies  I can say that I have had a very similar gripe with both of them too.

The characters always lack depth and personality because she crams too many people into the story. I can understand that they were all imperative to the progress of the story, but nevertheless she could do much more justice to the novel by focusing on a few central characters. I say this particularly because Pellegrino has a knack for descriptions. I really feel she could do a lot more to connect the reader with the characters using her beautiful descriptive writing power if she focused on a few rather than many.

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The Food of Love Cookery School – Nicky Pellegrino

The Food of Love Cookery School (2013) is a 279 page novel written by Nicky Pellegrino, a half English half Italian author who currently resides in New Zealand. It is important to note that although I personally found this book entertaining to read, it wasn’t really an enthralling or captivating story.

In my personal opinion, I’ve never enjoyed books that jump around between too many characters because it makes it difficult for the reader to develop the personalities, and

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